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Youth Golfer Experiences Savannah Golf Championship Pro-Am

Youth Golfer Experiences Savannah Golf Championship Pro-Am

Andrew Messalle qualified for and played in the Savannah Golf Championship Wednesday Pro-Am. One of his two pros was Kevin Dougherty, famous for taking his shirt off on Schooner Cove. Kevin was a nice young man who treated Andrew really well. Andrew wanted to follow Kevin’s Sunday group and show me how far he hit the ball. We watched him on the first few holes and then witnessed first-hand the amazing shot from the water on #5. Everyone was cheering. Andrew gave Kevin a high five as he exited the green with the crowd. Kevin recognized Andrew among the crowd and gave him a high five and a wink and then gave him ‘the golf ball.’ Andrew was super excited and will most likely be a fan for life. Andrew has the golf ball proudly displayed on his shelf and now has a small piece of The Landings Club and Savannah Golf Championship history.

The Savannah Golf Championship gives our members the unique experience of getting up close and personal to the rising stars of golf!

Thanks, Kevin Dougherty for such attention and keep up the good work Andrew. 
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