Quarantine Book Recommendations

Quarantine Book Recommendations The good thing about quarantine is that it gives us opportunities to scratch things off of our to-do lists. Make sure to cross some things off of your reading list.   Where the Crawdads Sing After 83 weeks on the New York Times Best Seller List,  Were the Crawdad Sings  is a beautiful coming of age novel that takes [...]

Healthy Habits to Feel Better & Play Better Golf

Healthy Habits to Feel Better & Play Better Golf By Justin Barr - TPI Specialist All too often, people embark on a weeklong juice-cleanse or starvation diet in an attempt to press the reset button. But their results are usually the same: the stress of not eating produces even more lethargy and exhaustion than they felt before they started. It’s not what you think [...]

TPI Golf Fitness Warm-Up

TPI Golf Fitness Warm-Up By Justin Barr - TPI Specialist Are properly warmed up to play golf? If not, you are not only reaching your potential, but also possibly putting yourself at risk for injury.   Players should be performing golf specific exercises regardless of practicing or playing because it creates good habits that provide the player with optimum [...]

Qigong Healing Treatments

Qigong Healing Treatments   What are they? Qigong healing is a direct healing method working all of the energy channels (meridians) of the body. The process examines the vital energy of the organs and works to promote the overall energy flow of the body. The treatment is similar to Reiki; however, it is a more direct and thorough process. Qigong healing [...]

5 Benefits of HeartStrong

five Benefits of Heartstrong By Brenee Rockholt - Exercise Physiologist   Are you looking for something to boost your fitness regime? Try HeartStrong next time you are at Oakridge Wellness Center.      Restore your Sense of Purpose Through Fitness Up to 90% of older adults are not meeting the recommended [...]