Junior Tennis Player of the Week - Cash Vinas

Junior Tennis Player of the Week

Cash Vinas

Our junior tennis players have been hard at work, so we would like to recognize those who deserve some congratulations. This week's player of the week is Cash Vinas. Cash has been working harder than ever before to improve his game. He attends practice twice a week and also takes lessons when he can fit them into his busy schedule! Cash always has a fun, competitive spirit and is on the lookout for his next match play opportunity. He has grown very much as a player over the last few months, which is why we have named him Player of the Week! 
         1. How old are you? 
         2. How long have you been playing tennis? 
             Since I was three-years-old.
         3. What racquet do you play with, and does it have a name?
             A Wilson Light racquet. 
         4. What is your favorite shot?
             Forehand groundstroke.
         5. Who is your favorite professional tennis player?
             Roger Federer.
         6. What is your favorite pro tournament to watch?
             The US Open!!!
         7. What do you like most about tennis?
             I get to play other people and learn from them.
         8. What is your favorite game at practice?
             A real game like 1v1 or 2v2.
         9. What is your tennis dream or goal?
             To be the best tennis player ever.  
         10. What advice do you have for other junior tennis players?
               Always listen when a coach is talking so you know what to do and how to do it the best you can.