World Class Guest Coaches Visit The Landings Club

World Class Guest Coaches Visit The Landings Club

Landing Club members recently had two very special opportunities to work with world-class guest coaches who happened to be in the Savannah area. LPGA/PGA Head Teaching Professional Nicole Weller knows these colleagues from their connections and speeches at various national conferences and often keeps in mind speakers who might be of helpful influence to members’ game growth. 

Megan Padua assisted members with the AimPoint Express green reading system to help drop scores even more by learning how to get a very accurate read within five seconds using one’s feet as a level.  Megan has visited the past 5 years to share her Certified Coach knowledge.

Pia Nilsson and Lynn Marriott, owners of Vision54, were her the following weekend offering two 2-hour workshops on Long Game and Short Game/Putting.  Their world-renown concepts of working on the human skills that underlie all technical skills (which are only one-sixth of great golf skills. Emotional, mental, social, physical – nutrition/fitness, and the spirit of the game are others) are making a great impact with both professional and recreational golfers alike.  A solid understanding of how to adjust for daily variations in balance, tension awareness, tempo or how to keep thinking in the Think Box, Play in the Play Box and how to only respond with neutral/factual or positive reactions in the Memory Box after a shot are keys that can turn around a golf game within even a day or so.  Here are some testimonials following May 25’s Vision54 workshops.
“Since applying the Vision54 approach, my results are markedly different.  In my competitive events, last year I shot 70-67 to below player by 4 and was Medalist at a Mid-Am qualifying-72 and US Open Local-73 (72 was the # to go to Sectionals while I shot 85 US open qualifier before).  Scores range from 67-76 over the last 8 months, the majority of them 67-71.  The previous range was 67-86.  My game is there when I need it and I am having fun on the course. I 100% believe that if a golfer is anywhere near serious about playing their best, Vision54 is the only way to unlock their potential.  Just yesterday after our Vision54 workshop in a fun Sunday game, using the Think, Play, and Memory boxes, positive feedback for future storage, and simple BTT tactics, I was able to produce 8 birdies in 18 holes. Now that is FUN GOLF!  And not one minute was spent thinking in the Play Box nor was one second spent on swing thoughts.  I was free to ‘Play’.”

“Thank you so much for bringing Pia and Lynn to the Landings.....I went out the next day and shot one of the best rounds of my life! Have had 3 great rounds since then.  Am focusing entirely on feeling my grip pressure in the Play Zone.”

Feel free to touch base with Nicole Weller if interested in hearing more about these concepts with follow-up information or on-course visits that incorporate green reading and underlying Human Skills needed in golf swings, chips and putts!