Club Guests

We look forward to your visit!

As a guest of the Club, we want you to feel comfortable as you explore our island and all we have to offer. Below are few Club policies and other information that will be helpful during your time at The Landings Club.

Dress Code

As a private Club, our members have chosen a standard of attire to be followed by all Club guests and members. Please click here to review our standards of attire.

Guests living inside a geographic area defined by a list of zip codes (see list below) must be accompanied by a member at all times:

  1. Must be registered by a member at each amenity.
  2. May be a guest up to six days per calendar year, (with the exception of a la carte F&B which is unlimited).
  3. Guest fees apply for each amenity.
  4. The Club reserves the right to limit or deny guest privileges for cause.
  5. The Landings offers unlimited accompanied outdoor pool privileges (Marshwood and Deer Creek only) for grandchildren under 18 years old under the following terms:
    1. The grandchild must be registered at the Club Operations Office at 71 Green Island Road by the grandparent annually.
    2. An annual pool pass will be issued in the grandchild’s name.
    3. Pool pass must be presented at the pools with a member present.
    4. Guest fees apply.

Zip Code List

  • Georgia: 31322, 31324, 31401 through 31412, 31414, 31415, 31418, 31419 and 31421  
  • South Carolina: 29909, 29910, 29915, 29926, 29927 and 29928