South East Golf Community Gets Into the Pickleball Game

Your Landings Club Pickleball team, the Golden Gherkins, beat a very strong, experienced and tournament-tested team, the North Georgia Pickleball Club, on Saturday, January 16 to remain undefeated.  A total of 54 games were contested with men’s, women’s and mixed doubles matches. The Gherkins notched the victory by winning 29 games. MVP of the tournament was Melissa O'Brien who won all nine of her matches -- three when paired with Ted Copeland and six when paired with Mary Beth McGirr. Other members of the Golden Gherkins were David Berlin, Janet Cork, Jim Emery, Jill Fitzgerald, Richard Heyman, Pam Imholtz, Mike Rouzee, Tim Sampson and Shirley Swedloff. Check out all the photos on the Club's  Facebook page. Come see what the best South East Golf Community has to offer!