Earth Day Oakridge Wellness Center

by Porshe Moody

In honor of this year’s Earth Day, April 22, we are creating our own “act of green” by using the entire month of April to help members minimize the everyday use of plastic and aluminum materials and recycle.
With your participation we will be in a joint effort to help end plastic pollution and the negative impacts of industrial development to our environment. This year is the forty-eighth year of the Earth Day campaign, which calls for people around the globe to raise awareness of the sudden changes one can make to enhance our future as residents on this Earth. Every year Earth Day becomes an event where people march, make pledges, sign petitions, plant trees, clean up towns locally, meet with elected officials or create their own “act of green” to help reduce negative effects we induce on the Earth. 
We at the Oakridge Wellness Center pledge for the month of April to increase our efforts to recycle more and reduce our footprint on the environment. We strongly encourage our members and staff to join us in this global action. We will be adding more recycling receptacles throughout the facility for aluminum and plastic products. We also encourage you to bring reusable water bottles and coffee cups to refill at your convenience and we also hope that our efforts inspire you to participate in your own “act of green.”   
It is important that we are all aware of the environment we live in and how we may impact it, as well as knowing that the things we do have a direct effect on our personal wellbeing and health. Understanding your impact on the environment can improve your interaction with the world around you; such as planting more trees positively affects the air quality, protecting the earth and soil from materials that do not decompose and monitoring things destroy the ozone layer protect you from the sun. Knowing you have control over minimizing hazards and negative influences such as air pollution, ultraviolet radiation from the sun, noise, water pollution, can lead you to live a life of harmony with yourself and your environment.
How can you help?

  • Rinsing out all plastic bottles and aluminum cans before disposing them in the correct receptacles placed throughout the center

  • Bring recycling materials from home 

  • Bring reusable water bottles and coffee cups/mugs

  • Encourage a friend or neighbor to participate

  • Create your own “act of green” 



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