Youth Golfer Spotlight - Charlie Berg

Youth Golfer Spotlight

Charlie Berg

Once a month, The Landings Club golf staff awards a well deserving young golfer with the coveted Youth Golfer Spotlight. The March Youth Golfer is Charlie Berg. Congratulations Charlie and keep up the good work!

Age: 6

Grade: 1st

How long have you been playing golf? Almost a year

Favorite club: Driver

Favorite Course inside The Landings Club: Marshwood

Favorite Course outside of The Landings Club: 

Longest Putt you ever made: 

What clubs/bag/ball/golf equipment do you play: 
US Kids Golf clubs

Favorite Role Model/s: 

Who would be your dream team to play golf with (which 2 Tour players/actors/people would you like to put in your foursome to play golf with you)? 
Dad, Coach Vinny and Owen Grady (aka Chris Pratt from Jurassic World movies).

Best Golf Memory: 

Favorite Hobbies & Sports? 
Baseball, Tennis and Golf.

Best advice for golf and/or life:
Swing harder to hit it further!

What kind of job do you think you’d like to do as an adult? 

Congratulations! The TLC Golf Staff is very proud of you! 
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