Golf Class Highlight: Tee it Forward

Golf Class Highlight
Tee it Forward

It's always a pleasure teaching at The Landings Club. However, it’s been truly wonderful to hear so many success stories from students about their experience from the Tee It Forward movement. 

Many golfers are beginning to play from the teeing lengths that match their distance ability. Across the country, the tradition of calling tees by gender or age are beginning to change based on the recommended data for swing speeds and resulting distances. Men play forward and women may play back several tees all based on their ability to send a ball a certain distance. Golfers are playing faster, scoring lower and enjoying the game so much more when playing from the recommended lengths that suite their current games.

It’s not so much about the drive but the approach shot based on where the drive places a golfer. Being able to hit an approach shot into a par 3, 4 or 5 with shorter irons all the way through fairway woods is key. If a player is hitting into a par 3 with only long clubs or not able to reach a green in regulation, chances are the course set-up is too long at that point and one must decide on adjusting the teeing ground. They must, therefore, train through fitness and practice to either increase distance or improve their short game! Here are some current testimonials from a group of members who have moved forward.
“I reached a new low today for 9 holes— 40 on the back 9 at Marshwood. That included birdies on the twelfth and fourteenth. Played from the combo tees (Medal/Marshwood). It got me into a groove where I was just ''feelin' it''. I got a lot of compliments from my playing partners. What a good feeling. 44 on the front wasn't bad either. I highly recommend playing from the combo tees to anyone who struggles to reach greens in regulation or who just wants to have more fun and post lower scores. I've gotten over the macho thing of not wanting to move forward on some holes. The joy is in lower scores, not what tee box I played from.”
“There are many reasons I found the Tee it Forward approach valuable, but a major reason is that I am not able to reach Par 4 350 yard greens in two strokes no matter how good I hit the ball (I wish I could). On the combos, by having 20-30 yards less, the ability to get on in regulation is at least plausible.”
“In our group of 14 golfers, most (including myself) enjoy playing from the combo tees (Course name/Medal). I also enjoy playing the Skidaway tees on Sundays.”