Junior Tennis Player - Cara McIntosh

Junior Tennis Player of the Week

Cara McIntosh

This week we are featuring Cara McIntosh, who has been participating in our Junior Tennis Academy for over three years now! Cara is always looking to improve her game and loves to play the game with her family and friends. Check out her interview below!

    1. How old are you?
         10 years old. 

    2. How long have you been playing tennis?  
         Three years.

    3. What racquet do you play with?  
         A Wilson Burn.

    4. What is your favorite shot?
        Forehand. I like to try and get topspin on it. 

    5. Who is your favorite professional tennis player?           
        Venus Williams.
    6. What is your favorite pro tournament to watch?  
         The US Open.

    7. What do you like most about tennis?  
         I get to play with family and friends.

    8. What is your favorite game at practice?  
         Queen of the Court. You get to try and climb the ranks.

    9. What is your tennis dream or goal?  
        To get better at the overhead shot and play when I’m older.

    10. What advice do you have for other junior tennis players?  
        Keep practicing and let your parents support you.

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