Junior Tennis Player - Katherine Harland

Junior Tennis Player of the Week

Katherine Harland

This week we would like to highlight Katherine Harlander. Katherine has been playing tennis with us at the Club for over three years! We are proud of the improvements she has made in her game and look forward to continuing working with her. Keep up the hard work and positivity Katherine!

    1. How old are you?
         9 years old. 
    2. How long have you been playing tennis?  
         This is my fourth year, and it gets more fun every year.
    3. What racquet do you play with?  
         A Wilson Burn 255.
    4. What is your favorite shot?
         Overhead, because then I can smash it and win the point. 
    5. Who is your favorite professional tennis player?           
        Serena Williams  
    6. What is your favorite pro tournament to watch?  
         The US Open.
    7. What do you like most about tennis?  
         I like tennis because I get to play with and against my friends. I also like playing with my whole family—my dad and mom, sister Lydia and even my little brother Charlie.
    8. What is your favorite game at practice?  
         Superball. You get two groundstrokes, one approach shot, two volleys, two overheads and then a super high lob. If you hit it into play, you get a superpoint!
    9. What is your tennis dream or goal?  
         To play in high school for Country Day.
    10. What advice do you have for other junior tennis players?  
         Keep practicing even when it’s hard.


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