Junior Tennis Player of the Week - Ryan McGee

Junior Tennis Player of the Week

Ryan McGee

Our junior tennis players have been hard at work, so we would like to recognize those who deserve some congratulations. The first Player of the Week of the 2018 Spring Session is Ryan McGee. Ryan always has a great time on the courts and makes sure to work hard and try her best. 
         1. How old are you? 
         2. How long have you been playing tennis? 
             4 years 
         3. What racquet do you play with, and does it have a name?
             Wilson Burn
         4. What is your favorite shot?
             Forehand and Volleys
         5. Who is your favorite professional tennis player?
             Maria Sharapova
         6. What is your favorite pro tournament to watch?
             The US Open because I visited New York this past summer and I got to see the stadium. 
         7. What do you like most about tennis?
             My coaches and all the fun games
         8. What is your favorite game at practice?
         9. What is your tennis dream or goal?
             To play tennis in college
         10. What advice do you have for other junior tennis players?
               Practice, work hard and never give up.


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