The Landings Club Launches A New Advertising Campaign

The Landings Club Launches a new Advertising Campaign

The Landings Club joined forces with Wyse Advertising in Cleveland, Ohio, to increase brand awareness of the Club and to drive new memberships. Wyse will be focused on growing The Landings Club brand by developing an in-depth marketing program that utilizes a fresh, creative message and sophisticated digital media targeting.

“We’re honored to be working with The Landings Club. We have an incredible opportunity to tell their story in a way that will break through the clutter. Their beautiful location, facilities and amenities– combined with the caring and connected members– makes for an incredible value proposition,” said Mike Marino, President and CEO of Wyse.

Wyse hopes to capture the heart and soul of The Landings Club to show outsiders what it’s truly like to be a part of it. The process began with extensive research; Wyse conducted interviews with Board members, Club programming directors and Club members themselves to gain a deep understanding of the Club’s strengths, areas for improvement and opportunities for differentiation. Wyse team members worked to get to know The Landings Club inside and out so they would be able to talk about it in an honest and memorable way.

“We are thrilled to have Wyse on our team,” said Steven Freund. “They truly understand our vision for evolving The Landings Club and distinguishing ourselves as the premier club in the southeast. I’m confident in their ability to help us effectively reposition the Club and reach our
business goals.”

Wyse has worked with The Landings Company since spring of 2018 when they launched their “Start Living” campaign. The campaign increased Discovery
Visits and raised the visibility of the community to affluent retirees nationwide. Wyse recognized the great potential of increased collaboration between The Landings Club and The Landings Company.  They have adapted the Start Living campaign to speak directly to the Club’s target audience through engaging and emotional story-telling. The Landings Club Board members and executives believe this fully-integrated campaign will create great opportunities for the Club’s growth.

The new campaign is a mix of digital and traditional placements. It was launched in June and will continue throughout the year. Click here to view a sample of our new ad series.