Youth Golfer Spotlight - Ana and Maria Miller

Youth Golfer Spotlight

Ana and Maria Miller

Once a month, The Landings Club golf staff awards a well deserving young golfer with the coveted Youth Golfer Spotlight. The February Youth Golfers are Ana and Maria Miller. Congratulations Owen and keep up the good work!

Age: 14 & 12

Grade: 8th & 6th

How long have you been playing golf? We’ve been playing golf since as long as we can remember. Our grandparents play golf, so we’ve always been around the game. We took lessons for the first time at age 3 with Coach Nicole.

Favorite club: Ana- 6 iron; Maria- Driver

Favorite Course inside The Landings Club: Magnolia

Favorite Course outside of The Landings Club: 
Quito Tenis y Golf Club in Quito, Ecuador 

Longest Putt you ever made: 
Maria - 20'

What clubs/bag/ball/golf equipment do you play: 
US Kids Golf Tour  / Tour Edge Hot Launch 2

Favorite Role Model/s: 

Who would be your dream team to play golf with (which 2 Tour players/actors/people would you like to put in your foursome to play golf with you)? 
Grandparents Abuelo & Abuela

Best Golf Memory: 
Ana - playing with a neighbor's dog while on Magnolia #10

Favorite Hobbies & Sports? 
Maria - Volleyball; Ana - Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer

Best advice for golf and/or life:
Call on the Putting Spirits before you putt and sometimes dogs next to the putting green are friendly!

What kind of job do you think you’d like to do as an adult? 
Not known yet, many possibilities!

Congratulations! The TLC Golf Staff is very proud of you!