Visiting The Landings Club

Located on beautiful Skidaway Island, The Landings Club is a short drive from Savannah just across the Moon River. The Landings Club is a gated community. Security is located on Tidewater Way. (Diamond Causeway turns into Tidewater Way.) When you come to the four-way intersection of Green Island Road and Diamond Causeway/Tidewater Way, continue driving straight, and the Main Gate will be your first stop to receive guest passes and directions.

Without a visitor's pass from security at the Main Gate, you'll be unable to pass through any gated entrances on the island, and there may not be a guard present to assist you. If you have questions about the process to obtain a guest pass, please call the Main Gate at 912-598-1982.

Once you receive your visitor's pass, you can enter through all gates to reach the different clubhouses and amenities on the island. Click here to view or print a map of the island, which will be useful for navigation once you've received your visitor's pass from security at the Main Gate.